Sacramento is the perfect place to have a pool installed because the summer temperatures are usually in the triple digits.

A pool is a fun way for you to beat the heat.

Some folks enjoy the toasty Sacramento weather, which makes summer their favorite time of the year.

But for the rest of us, finding a way to cool down is our number one priority when it comes to recreational activities.

Having a pool allows you to create all types of great memories with family and friends.

However, choosing the right pool builder can be challenging.

Pools are not cheap but are worth every penny if you plan on using them frequently.

A pool is an investment that adds value to your home, which means you’ll get a lot more money in the event you sell.

Home buyers that live in hot climates such as Sacramento will flock to a listing that has a well-made pool because it saves them the hassle of finding and hiring a reputable pool contractor.

If you’re in the market for a pool, I highly advise you to do your research first before picking a pool builder.

This homework can drastically reduce the chances of hiring a non-reputable contractor that may turn your life into a living hell.

The last thing you want to deal with while your yard is in shambles is a shady non-reliable pool builder that doesn’t show up on time, all on your dime.

This is why I put together this article on the ten mistakes to avoid when hiring a pool contractor in the Sacramento area.

Let’s cover them now…

1)) Failure To Do Thorough Research On Pool Contractors

Finding and researching pool builders can be a time-consuming process, but is well worth the effort.

Your goal is to make a shortlist of experienced and trustworthy pool builders.

Failure to do your due diligence can cost you thousands of wasted dollars, time you’ll never get back, and a whole lot of unnecessary stress.

It only takes a few simple steps to research each potential pool contractor.

Here Are Some Questions You Must Have Answered:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have a good reputation (4 to 5-Star Rating)?
  • Do they have satisfied customers you can speak with?
  • Do they have a professional portfolio of pools built?
  • Do they have a website where you could find additional details?

Those are a handful of the questions you must get the answers to.

I highly encourage you to brainstorm a list of your own questions.

This will allow you to have intelligent conversations with each pool builder during the interview stage.

The Internet makes it so easy to check a pool builder’s customer reviews.

Example Search

STEP 1: In your favorite search engine type [Pool Builder Name + City]

STEP 2: Click on the Google Reviews

STEP 3: Look at their Rating (Do they have a 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, etc.?)

STEP 4: Read some of the reviews

STEP 5: If you like what you read, then add the company to your Shortlist of Prospects

Finding the right pool company makes the process much easier and is worth the effort.

2)) Micromanaging

Once you hire a reputable contractor, avoid looking over their shoulder while they construct your beautiful pool.

However, do not shy away from asking questions, particularly when you have concerns about the proceedings of the work.

Avoid nitpicking as much as you can, as this will only stress you and strain your relationship with your contractor.

If you’ve ever worked for someone and had a micromanaging boss, just remember how that made you feel.

Well, your pool builder’s crew will feel the same.

Since they’re the experts, let them do their job in peace, and you’ll get a better end result when the pool project is completed.

3)) Failing To Read The Fine Print

Reading the fine print is boring, but it is important that you know and understands the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Always read the contract before signing it. Understand what it stipulates about things such as payment and payment schedules.

It is evident that you will purchase some extra products and accessories to enhance your pool.

Always read the warranties that come with all the pool extras you are considering.

If you have access to a contract attorney, be certain to have him or her look over the paperwork.

4)) Bargain Hunting

You need to stick to your budget and avoid shortcuts. It is very tempting to go for the lowest bid.

The important thing is to understand what value you are getting for the cost.

Check that the value matches the workmanship, materials used, and warranty.

Hiring the cheapest contractor and settling for substandard material will cost you more money in the long run.

Cheap inferior materials don’t last long and usually need replacing or repair, which cost you more money.

Have a realistic approach and build the best quality pool you can afford.

Remember, your pool installation is an investment regardless if you’re living in your forever home or plan to sell in the future.

5)) Settling For Oral Agreements

One of the common mistakes property owners make when hiring pool builders is failing to get everything in writing.

The contract should entail every aspect of the pool building process including a detailed description of the project, plans, scope of work, materials, quantities, payment schedules, and the estimated commencement and completion dates for the projects.

A contractor might explain all these aspects but ensure you have them in writing.

Make certain you get a written warranty that clearly spells out what it covers, what it does not cover, and how long the warranty covers the project.

The written document should also specify the handling of changes in the work plan and the protocol for cancellation if necessary.

6)) Signing A Contract Without Comprehending Its Contents

First, you need to know there is no dumb question and that all your queries are valid.

If anything is unclear in the contract, consult and have the contractor explain all your concerns before proceeding with the project.

Lack of clarity may arise from insufficient details or your misunderstanding of the terms of the contract.

Either way, it is okay to ask. You would rather understand now than in the future when it may incur additional costs or when it results in change orders.

7)) Large Down Payment

The law stipulates the amount of money a contractor can ask for before starting a project.

A contractor that asks for a large down payment may lack sufficient money for overheads or payment of materials.

With contractual work, this is not a good indication.

8)) Lack Of Clarity In Your Targets

You need to spell out clearly what you want to achieve in your project. Let your contractor understand how you want the pool to appear on completion.

Specify the material and the mode of installation you have in mind, even during the installation process.

Be very specific about how you want your pool to appear. Making changes might result in a change order, which increases the cost of your pool.

However, this is better than having something you do not desire and have to live with after spending your hard-earned cash.

Design Tip: You should browse the Internet and look at different pool designs. Bookmark and print them out, so that you can show them to prospective pool builders during the interview process. Of course, you can look at the portfolio of pools they’ve built for their customers to get some ideas.

9)) Failure To Check For Proper Documentation

You should check several documents before hiring a pool contractor. The first thing is to check the contractor’s license status.

Confirm that the contractor has all the necessary insurance including worker’s compensation coverage and general liability insurance.

A reputable pool company will have a permanent physical address and a published phone number, and in this digital age; a professional website.

10)) Failure To Request A Waiver Of Lien

Contractors and subcontractors have a legal right to file a lien against your property whenever you fail to fulfill the agreed payments.

This can incur legal issues if you pay the pool builder and they fail to pay the subcontractors.

The contractors can file a lien on the property you own and demand payment.

When you obtain a waiver of lien from the contractor and the subcontractors, you protect yourself against this potential problem.


You just discovered the top ten avoidable mistakes that homeowners make when hiring a pool builder.

When you’re investing thousands of dollars into new pool construction, your goal must be to avoid costly mistakes.

The best way to avoid them is by being proactive in the research process.

Spend as much time as you need before opening up your bank account to any pool builder.

There should be no rush when you’re spending that kind of money.

Sacramento has no shortage of pool builders, which aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Apply what you learned today to avoid shoddy work, fraudulent contracts, delays, overspending, and untrustworthy pool builders.

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