Sacramento, the capital city of California, is nestled at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers.

Known for its farm-to-fork culinary scene, diverse culture, history, and abundant outdoor activities, Sacramento is a popular destination among tourists.

However, there are a few lesser-known yet charming attractions that aren't widely advertised or promoted.

These hidden gems add to Sacramento's character and give visitors an authentic local experience.

We will explore twenty hidden gems in Sacramento that every tourist should discover.

1)) Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

Located in Midtown Sacramento, Sutter's Fort State Historic Park is a restored fort highlighting California's Gold Rush era.

Built in 1840 by John Sutter, a Swiss pioneer, and settler, the fort was once a thriving trading post, agricultural center, and the first European settlement in California's Sacramento Valley.

Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the fort and experience what life was like in the early 19th century.

2)) California State Capitol Museum

The California State Capitol Museum is an excellent opportunity to learn about California's government and history.

It features interactive exhibits, historical art, and the working offices of the governor, lieutenant governor, and other state officials.

Visitors can take a free guided tour of the restored Capitol building and grounds, admire the art, and learn about the state's legislative process.

3)) Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is an iconic Sacramento landmark, connecting downtown Sacramento to West Sacramento.

The awe-inspiring structure features a distinctive vertical lift span, reaching up to 100 feet above the Sacramento River.

Tower Bridge offers a unique perspective of the city, and visitors can take a stroll across the bridge or view it from various vantage points along the Sacramento River.

4)) Old Sacramento Underground Tour

The Old Sacramento Underground Tour is a fascinating adventure into the city's underground tunnels.

Visitors can explore the hidden remnants of Sacramento's early days, including restored storefronts, a jail, and a Chinese herb shop.

The docent-led tour provides insights and stories about Sacramento's past and how it evolved to become the city it is today.

5)) Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum is a world-class art museum featuring a collection of over 16,000 works of art, including European, American, and Asian art.

The museum's architecture itself is a work of art, featuring a contemporary addition to the original Victorian mansion.

Visitors can visit the museum's galleries, attend one of their many events, or take part in art classes and workshops.

6)) Amador Wine Country

The Amador Wine Country is a short drive from Sacramento and offers stunning views, country charm, and award-winning wines.

The region is known for its rich soil, warm days, and cool nights, making it ideal for growing Zinfandel grapes.

Visitors can visit over 40 wineries and enjoy a tasting, tour the vineyards, and take in the natural beauty of the region.

7)) California Automobile Museum

The California Automobile Museum features a collection of over 150 classic cars, hot rods, and race cars highlighting California's automotive culture.

The museum also showcases the evolution of the automobile industry and its impact on American society.

Visitors can enjoy interactive exhibits, take a guided tour, or attend one of the many museum events.

8)) McKinley Park

McKinley Park is a green oasis in the midst of the city and is a favorite spot for locals for recreational activities.

You can indulge in a game of tennis, or basketball, or enjoy a picnic with your family.

The park also features a beautiful rose garden, a playground, and a pond.

10)) Sacramento Historic City Cemetery

Many tourists visit the popular tourist spot Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, but few know about the Historic City Cemetery situated nearby.

This cemetery is a resting place for many pioneers of Sacramento, and it is a beautiful spot with impressive sculptures and monuments.

11)) Eagle Theatre

Eagle Theatre is a hidden gem situated in Old Sacramento and is a haven for theater lovers.

It is a small theater that hosts plays, comedy shows, and musical performances throughout the year.

It is an intimate space that offers a memorable experience for those who love the performing arts.

12)) Sutter’s Fort

Sutter's Fort is an overlooked landmark that played a vital role in California's history.

It was built by Swiss immigrant John Sutter and is now a State Historic Park.

Here, you'll learn about the early days of Sacramento and its founders.

You can also explore the fort's walls, central courtyard, and the many rooms inside it.

Sutter's Fort is an excellent destination for history buffs.

13)) Fairytale Town

Fairytale town is a theme park perfect for families and children.

It is a charming destination with whimsical structures of famous fairy tales like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Red Riding Hood.

In addition, kids can visit friendly farm animals and play in the park's various playgrounds. Fairytale Town is an ideal place to spend a fun-filled day with the family.

14)) The California State Railroad Museum

This museum, located in the heart of Old Sacramento, offers a glimpse into California's railroad history.

Visitors get to explore over 100 historic locomotives, cars, and exhibits, including a reconstructed 1870s rail yard and a train ride along the Sacramento River.

15)) California State Indian Museum

This hidden gem is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning about the various California Indian tribes and their culture.

The museum's exhibits include historical artifacts, traditional arts and crafts, and educational activities.

Visitors can also watch live demonstrations of traditional native crafts and dancing.

16)) The Delta

In the northern reaches of Sacramento, the Delta region offers incredible river views, countless outdoor adventures, and some of the state's best farmland.

Whether you're fishing, boating, hiking, or simply wandering around, the Delta is a vast region that can be explored from Sacramento.

The Delta is also famous for its fresh produce and the best place to sample its bounty.

17)) Tower Cafe

The Tower Cafe is a Sacramento restaurant that is located inside a historic art deco tower.

The Tower Cafe serves up a variety of international dishes, such as Moroccan tagine, Greek spanakopita, and American-style burgers.

The restaurant also has a large outdoor patio that is perfect for dining in the sun.

18)) Old Sacramento Waterfront

If you’re looking for something more laid-back, head to the Old Sacramento Waterfront.

With beautiful riverfront views and restored buildings dating back to the Gold Rush era, this area is home to local shops, museums, and even river cruises.

19)) Sacramento Zoo

Located near Land Park, Sacramento Zoo is the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts.

The zoo features a diverse collection of animals, including kangaroos, giraffes, big cats, and reptiles.

20)) American River Bicycle Trail

With scenic views and a paved trail, the American River Bicycle Trail attracts tourists from across the country.

The trail runs from Discovery Park to Beals Point, and it's perfect for hiking, jogging, or cycling.


Sacramento has plenty of attractions and sights to keep locals and tourists entertained and engaged.

However, if you're looking for a more off-the-beaten-path experience, these hidden gems offer a unique perspective and deeper insight into the city's culture, history, and heritage.

From exploring the underground tunnels to tasting the delicious wines of Amador Wine Country, there's something for everyone to enjoy in Sacramento.

So, the next time you visit Sacramento, make sure to check out these hidden gems and create lasting memories.

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