When was the last time you saw the top of your desk? If it has been a while, you must take immediate action to declutter it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find what you need in a matter of moments instead of having to go on a search mission that could take an hour?

Maintaining an organized desk allows you to work more efficiently and feel relaxed. As a result, you’ll significantly increase your productivity and produce better results when working on routine tasks and projects.

Nowadays, more people are telecommuting and running their own online businesses from home.

With this being the case, why not organize your workspace in a way that’s conducive to maximum comfort and performance?

This is extremely important, especially since you spend several hours per day in your home office space.

Today I’m going to share with you 6 Tips On How To Declutter A Home Office Desk.

Let’s unpack this…

Tip 1: Evaluate Your Workspace

Take an honest look at your workspace and consider what bothers you the most about it. Is it the stacks of unfiled papers or the empty coffee cups?

Consider how you want your desk to look and make a list of changes you would like to make.

You can use a mobile App on your cell to create lists for easy management of the projects that you’ll use to re-organize your home office.

Easy Button: If you have a difficult time coming up with creative ideas on what you’d like your desk to look like, simply perform a search on the Internet for images of organized home offices and desks that you could save on your cell or computer to reference.

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Tip 2: Start With Unfiled Papers

Add an inbox where you will place all incoming paperwork. This could be incoming mail, papers you need to review, or work to do. The point is to have one place for all new papers so you’ll have a visual reminder that they must be handled. Additional trays will be helpful for things you need to address and those you need to file.

Tip 3: Separate Papers Based On Priority

As you go through the papers in the inbox, separate the things that need your immediate attention, things that have important dates or contact information, and those that you can handle at another time.

Write meeting information in your calendar (electronic or physical), add contact information to your address book or card file, and either file the paper where it belongs or gets rid of it.

Tip 4: Create A Filing System

Create a simple filing system to keep important papers. This could include a tickler file that you will look at when the day begins.

A tickler file is a 31-day system that allows you to place papers you will need for the future.

It is a reminder system to ensure you handle future items on time. Once you have your system in place, use it daily to keep papers from piling up again.

Tip 5: Remove All Paperwork From The Desk

Clear all of the paperwork from your desk, even if it means only stacking it in the inbox so you can see what else you have to do.

Clear the desk of all other items and decide to create a specific home for each one. If there are some office supplies that you use regularly, you will want to have them available when you need them.

Anything that you do not use regularly you will want to place in a drawer or cabinet. When you have a place for everything, be sure you put each item where it “lives” when it is not in use.

Tip 6: Maintain A Decluttered Desktop On A Daily Basis

Once you have your desk cleared off, do your best to keep it that way. Take 15 minutes at the end of the day to clear off the desk so you’ll have a blank slate when the new day starts.

Work at keeping your desk cleared for a week before you begin focusing on the next area of your workspace that is cluttered.

If you’re able to keep your desk cleared for at least a week, you’ll most likely continue that behavior pattern long-term.

The only way to make a behavior second nature is through conditioning, which helps you develop habits.

Being consistent with keeping your desk organized develops that habit.


It doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed running your own online business or telecommuting for a corporate company, in order to be as productive and stress-free as possible, you must declutter and organize your desk.

A messy office can magnify problems by making mountains out of molehills.

An organized desk creates a Zen-like feeling that gives you a sense of clarity and focus.

I know that sounds a bit metaphysical, but if you think about it, our behavior begins in our minds, whether we are reacting or being proactive.

So, doesn’t it make sense to do everything within your power to ensure that you have mental clarity?

Well, that’s exactly what decluttering your home office can do for you.

You can make a difference in how your workspace looks and how you feel while you are in it.

If your desk and workspace are a mess, don’t hesitate to apply the 6 Tips On How To Declutter A Home Office Desk starting today and experience the difference this can make!

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