Are you in the market to buy a new home in the Sacramento area? Buying a house is an activity that most people will only undergo a few times over the course of their lives, which means it is easy to make rookie mistakes.

It goes without saying, that these mistakes could end up costing you time and money.

Buying a home has become a lot more complicated, which means you must dot your i's and cross your t's to avoid errors during the process.

A home is the biggest purchase that most folks will ever make in their lives, so every precaution must be taken.

There are plenty of great neighborhoods right here in Sacramento and the surrounding areas to choose from.

Today, you’re going to learn the top seven mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Let’s unpack this…

1)) Not Getting Pre-Approved

Many people begin looking at homes only to find out that their price range is far different from what they expected.

Going through the pre-approval process will ensure that you begin your home search with the correct expectations and not waste any time.

Have you seen the people on those home search TV programs where their expectations and budgets don’t match?

You see them picking out every flaw as the real estate agent shows them the property.

Getting pre-approved is one of the best ways to keep your expectations in alignment with your budget.

Knowing your maximum budget prevents you from looking at houses that are out of your price range, which saves you and the real estate agent time.

2)) Failing to Set a Firm and Realistic Budget

Buying a home these days is expensive and the closing price is just the beginning.

Your budget should include mortgage, insurance, and taxes as well as periodic expenses such as major repairs.

There will also be costs associated with closing the deal, such as moving expenses, appraisal fees, escrow fees, and more.

Find out what other people in your area have paid for these expenses so there are no unpleasant surprises.

3)) Letting Emotions Have Too Much Weight

Getting too attached to a house keeps you from making rational decisions. Approach each home with as little emotion as possible, focusing on how the house meets your needs and whether it is in your budget rather than whether you are in love with the garden or the view.

4)) Setting Expectations Too High

Many people have trouble finding a home because their expectations are too high. It is generally good to have high expectations, but they should be reasonable as well.

Don't get caught up in small and easily fixed cosmetic issues such as paint color.

You will likely change many minor things about any home that you buy so these are not good reasons to reject an otherwise suitable property.

It's better to visualize what the home could be rather than what it is after you make it your own through customization.

5)) Choosing Aesthetics Over Function

Home sellers will try to woo you over with aesthetics. They will spruce up the curb, paint in a flattering color, and generally make sure their home pleases your senses using staging techniques.

It is important to like the way a home looks, but this should not be the first consideration.

Make sure your future home is in good repair and meets your major needs before you worry about superficial things.

Because once you sign your name on the dotted line, you’ll have to live with any oversights for the duration of ownership or make changes, which could be expensive.

6)) Buying in the Wrong Neighborhood

You may have heard the old saying, “Location Location Location” frequently used by real estate professionals.

Location is the most important aspect of any home.

Find out the answers to questions such as:

  • Are values in the area on an upswing or stagnating?
  • Are the school districts good?
  • What’s the reputation of the neighborhood?
  • Is the area maintained by the city?
  • How’s the crime rate?
  • Are there enough stores nearby?
  • What’s the financial well-being of the city?

Consider neighborhood just as important as the quality of the roof; in the long run, it will affect your home value more than any other factor.

7)) Doing It Yourself

As we mentioned early, buying real estate is a complicated process. We highly encourage you to not attempt this alone.

Instead, you should get an experienced realtor on your side so you can find the home of your dreams in a price range within your budget.

If you choose the right agent, it’ll be well worth the extra money you’ll pay in commission fees to have peace of mind.


We just informed you of the 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A House In Sacramento Ca!

Since the home-buying process is much more complicated and the prices have skyrocketed, you cannot afford any slip-ups.

The smallest of oversights could cause you to overpay, miss purchase opportunities, end up with a property that doesn’t meet your needs, etc.

At the end of the day, it’s better to choose a realtor that specializes in the city you plan to purchase your home because the agent will have insider knowledge.

This knowledge gives the agent an edge to help you navigate the murky waters of purchasing a home.

Use these seven tips as filters during your home-buying process.

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