Getting a speeding ticket can be frustrating, especially when you feel like it wasn’t deserved.

When this happens, you have the right to appeal your ticket, but before you do so, make sure you ask yourself these seven questions to determine whether an appeal is worth your time and effort.

1)) Was The Speed Limit Clearly Posted?

Before appealing your speeding ticket, make sure the speed limit was clearly posted in the area where you were ticketed.

If not, you may have a valid reason to appeal the ticket and get it dismissed.

2)) Were There Other Drivers Around You?

If other drivers around you were also speeding, it could be worth mentioning this to the court.

Showing that you were not the only driver violating the speed limit may help you get the ticket dismissed.

3)) Was The Speed Reading Accurate?

Sometimes, speed radar guns or other speed measurement devices may not be accurate.

If you suspect that the speed reading was inaccurate, you may want to look into getting a calibration check done on such equipment.

4)) Can You Prove Your Innocence?

If you have any evidence, such as dashcam footage or eyewitness accounts, that can prove you were not speeding, then an appeal may be worth pursuing.

5)) Will Fighting The Ticket Cost More Than Just Paying It?

Before appealing your speeding ticket, take into account all the costs associated with the appeal process.

While appealing may help you save the cost of the ticket, it may also cost you more in legal fees and court costs.

6)) Will An Appeal Affect Your Driving Record Or Insurance Rates?

Be sure to check if an appeal will negatively affect your driving record or insurance rates before deciding to pursue one.

While an appeal may help you avoid paying the ticket, it may also have a negative impact on your driving record, potentially resulting in higher insurance rates.

7)) Did You Violate Any Other Laws When You Were Pulled Over?

If you violated any other laws while you were pulled over, such as not having proper documentation or driving under the influence, you may want to reconsider an appeal as it will draw the court’s attention to these other violations.


If you’ve been ticketed for speeding and want to appeal it, asking yourself these seven questions can help you determine whether an appeal is worth pursuing.

While it can be frustrating to get a speeding ticket, it’s important to consider all the factors involved before deciding to appeal.

By carefully weighing your options and taking the necessary steps, you may be able to get your ticket dismissed and avoid paying the fine.

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