Moving to a new place with kids can be daunting. It takes time to plan, organization, and patience to make it a seamless transition.

Kids have a hard time adjusting, getting used to new surroundings, and leaving their friends behind.

Here are seven tips to make the move with kids more comfortable.

1)) Involve The Kids In The Planning Stages

As a family, sit down and talk about your wishes and expectations.

Make sure to listen to your kids and involve them in the entire moving process.

This will give them a sense of control, making them feel more comfortable with the whole move.

Let them choose the color they want for their new room and the park they want to go to regularly and involve them in the decision-making.

2)) Say Goodbye To Old Friends

Goodbyes are hard, especially for kids who are leaving behind their childhood friends, classmates, and teachers.

It is essential to give your kids a chance to say goodbye to their old lives.

Plan a farewell party with their friends, attend their farewell function(s), and keep in touch through social media after you move.

It will give them a sense of closure, letting them start afresh in their new life.

3)) Make The Move Fun

There are plenty of ways you can make packing and moving enjoyable for your kids.

You can organize treasure hunts where the kids have to find and pack their treasures.

Make packing a game by conducting room-wise competitions to keep the excitement level high.

The more fun you make it, the more excited and upbeat the kids will be about the move.

4)) Pack Special Toys As An In-Flight Distraction

Moving days are long and arduous, especially for kids.

It is vital to keep them busy and entertained during the flight.

Pack some of their favorite toys, games, and books for your kids to keep them comfortable.

Make sure to place them high priority when packing to access them quickly when needed.

Pro-Tip: Kids travel toys for plane flights make flying fun for kids!

Investing in quality, age-appropriate toys makes traveling with children much easier as they provide a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Not only do the toys keep kids engaged during flight, but research has shown that allowing children to play with their own toys on the plane reduces stress and encourages them to stay seated for longer.

By gifting your children with travel-friendly toys, you can make their next trip even more enjoyable!

5)) Familiarize Yourself With The New Place

Visit the new place once or twice before the actual move.

It will help your kids get familiar with the new surroundings, parks, shops, and schools.

It will make the transition into their new life a little less daunting as they’ll have an idea of how things work in the new place.

Moreover, meet your new neighbors and create a sense of camaraderie.

6)) Keep A Routine

Keeping a routine plays a crucial role in reducing anxiety in kids.

Ensure that your kids are sticking to their old routines like bedtime, mealtime, and playtime.

It keeps their chaos in check, provides them with some familiarity and stability, and makes them feel at home soon enough.

7)) Take Your Time

Give the kids time to adjust to the new surroundings, and be patient.

Be prepared for tantrums, expressions of nervousness, and a feeling of being lost for the first couple of days.

It is part of the process and your love, support, and unwavering strength that will keep them going.


Moving with kids can be fulfilling, exciting, and adventurous.

The key is to prepare well, be patient, and keep the excitement level high.

The above tips will help your family make a seamless transition to your new place and make it a warm home for your kids.

By keeping an open and honest line of communication, creating a sense of familiarity, and sticking to routines, you will be able to make the journey a lot more comfortable for everyone.

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