Electric cars have revolutionized the way we view sustainable transportation. They are less polluting, cheaper to maintain and, most importantly, can be recharged using renewable energy sources.

However, their driving range can be a limiting factor for some, especially when taking long trips.

Here are 8 useful tips to help you extend the range of your electric car, so you can drive it with confidence and without range anxiety.

1)) Drive Sensibly

One of the easiest ways to extend the range of your electric car is to drive it sensibly.

Aggressive driving, speeding, and sudden acceleration can all decrease your car's range.

Maintaining a steady speed and avoiding rapid acceleration can extend your car's range by up to 30%.

2)) Plan Your Routes

Planning your routes ahead of time can help you avoid unnecessary detours and help you conserve your car’s battery.

It can also help you find charging stations on the way.

Many electric cars have route planners that automatically factor in the available charging station.

3)) Minimize The Use Of Air Conditioning And Other Electrical Devices

Air conditioning, heating, and other electrical devices can take up a lot of energy, reducing your car's range.

To save energy, lower the temperature by a few degrees, use seat warmers instead of cabin heating, and make sure all electrical devices are turned off.

4)) Use Eco Mode

Eco mode can be an excellent tool to help extend your car's range. It limits power output, reduces acceleration, and turns off heating and cooling systems to help save energy.

Many electric cars have an Eco mode that can be activated through the settings.

Overcharging or undercharging your electric car's battery can affect its overall lifespan.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendation when it comes to charging levels.

Generally, it is best to charge up to 80% and avoid discharging the battery below 20%.

6)) Use Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is a technology that captures kinetic energy lost during braking and stores it as battery power.

It is an excellent feature for an electric car to conserve battery life. It can be activated through the vehicle settings.

7)) Keep Your Tires Inflated

Properly inflated tires can help improve the efficiency of your electric car.

Underinflated tires increase the rolling resistance, which can reduce your car's range.

Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly and maintain it at the manufacturer's recommended level.

8)) Check For Software Updates

Software updates can improve your electric car's performance and efficiency.

Many car manufacturers periodically release software updates that include improvements to the battery management system, charging protocols, and power distribution.

Make sure to check for available updates from the manufacturer.


By following these simple tips, you can make the most out of your electric car's battery life and extend its range, making it ideal for long trips.

Remember to pay attention to the settings, plan your routes, minimize energy consumption, and maintain your car's efficiency.

By doing so, you will be contributing to a sustainable lifestyle while enjoying the modern convenience of electric cars.

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