When you are doing renovations to any room in your home, the flooring you choose can make or break your décor. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom, or living areas, the flooring can help create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

With such a large variety of flooring to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision on which type to go with.

I highly recommend that you take your time during the selection process because the last thing you want is to be remorseful after it’s been installed.

Changing your floors isn’t like swapping out a throw rug, it takes planning, being inconvenienced, and not mention financial obligations.

Today, I will briefly cover a few of the most popular types of flooring.

Let’s jump in…


Anything eco-friendly has been growing in popularity and will most likely continue to be popular for a long time. Bamboo is one of the favorite choices among environmentally-friendly building materials and makes for beautiful durable flooring.

The light wood offers a bright and clean look to any room. Best of all, bamboo comes from a sustainable source, so you are contributing to happier, healthier earth as well as your home.

Repurposed Wood

Another environmentally friendly and super trendy choice for flooring is repurposed wood.

This flooring has a chic rustic appearance and looks great throughout the home. Repurposed wood flooring looks somewhat like hardwood, but has a more rustic flair and a bit more character.

Even better, using repurposed flooring comes with a free story behind the pieces to tell people that visit.


Speaking of hardwood, it never goes out of style. Hardwood is absolutely a classic and always looks great in almost any room.

Not only is it beautiful, but it is practical as well. The only thing that tends to change regarding trends for hardwood is the colors. Right now darker wood and grays are the most popular.


An industrial look is another trend that has proven to be not just another passing craze. An industrial-looking floor and appliances with soft, chic adornments are absolutely trendy and the contrasting styles go so well together.

Concrete flooring might sound like an odd choice, but it is very popular. Of course, concrete flooring doesn’t look anything like the floor in a parking lot as you might think.

Instead, concrete floors are poured and then shined to a polished sheen and can easily be painted if desired. Concrete flooring is ultrachic, very practical, and extremely cost-effective.

Concrete floors look great in city lofts, which complement the industrial décor perfectly.

New Laminate Options

For renovators on a budget, there are a lot of new laminate options available. Unlike the laminate flooring of the past, these new laminate flooring options look very much like the real thing.

Hardwood laminates, tile laminates, and more are now easily obtained and even easier to install. Not only can they save you tons of money, but they also look amazing.

If you really want to enhance the appearance of your home, but don’t have the budget or aren’t willing to invest in more expensive types of flooring such as hardwood, then laminate flooring is the way to go.


The flooring throughout your home is a vital part of your décor as well as the part of the home you touch the most.

Think of it like your skin, it is the largest organ of the body and what people see of you first.

You want it to look great.

A good-looking floor is a stage for the rest of your home and therefore sets the scene for your décor scheme. A great floor should be comfortable, practical, and beautiful.

With any of these flooring options, you can have your home updated and looking perfect in no time at all.

Keep in mind; the types of flooring I’ve listed are only a few of the huge variety that’s available to choose from.

Do plenty of research first before deciding on the flooring that’s perfect for your home.

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