Moving can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

With the right packing tactics and supplies, you can make moving day easier than ever.

Here are 10 packing hacks for your next move that will help you stay organized and efficient as you transition into your new home.

Let's cover these hacks now...

1)) Purchase or Gather Quality Moving Supplies

Investing in quality moving supplies like boxes, tape, markers, and bubble wrap is worth the extra cost when it comes to moving day.

Durable boxes are less likely to break down or tear during transport, saving time and money from having to do quick repairs or repack items at the last minute.

2)) Label Everything

Labeling your boxes is a must when it comes to packing for a move.

Not only will this help keep track of what items are in what box, but it also makes unpacking much simpler and quicker as well.

Use bright colors or pictures to denote various categories of items so they can be easily found on moving day.

3)) Purge Your Belongings Before You Start Packing

Take the opportunity of a move to go through all your belongings and get rid of anything that is no longer useful or necessary before you start packing—it will save time later on.

Donate unwanted items, sell them online, or have a garage sale if feasible; this will lighten your load considerably when it comes time to actually pack up for the move.

4)) Use Rolling Suitcases as Boxes

If you don’t have access to cardboard boxes for packing up clothing or other delicate items, suitcases can work just as well.

Just make sure they’re not too heavy so they don't become difficult to maneuver around on the day of your move.

5)) Pack Heavy Objects in Smaller Boxes

It may be tempting to put all your heavier objects in one big box, but this makes them very hard to carry—not ideal when it comes time for loading/unloading onto trucks.

Instead, try to divide them into smaller boxes; this will make them much more manageable while still keeping everything organized by category in one box each.

6)) Pack Plates Vertically

To prevent plates from breaking during transport (or worse yet--during unpacking), pack them vertically instead of horizontally.

This way they won’t shift around inside the box too much while being jostled around on the back of the truck bed or inside your car trunk during transit.

7)) Fill Empty Spaces with Towels And Pillows

When packing delicate items like glassware or electronics, fill any empty spaces with towels, pillows, and blankets so there is no shifting during transit; this helps ensure that nothing gets damaged en route from point A to point B.

8)) Utilize Drawers When Possible

If there are drawers within furniture pieces that need transporting (like dressers), leave everything inside those drawers while stuffing towels around them as padding; this way you can avoid having clothes end up scattered across the truck bed once things start bumping around during transit.

9)) Wrap Fragile Items Separately

For extra protection against potential breakage during transport, wrap fragile items like glasses individually with towels and bubble wrap before placing them inside boxes; doing so gives each item its own layer of protection against knocks and bumps along the way.

10)) Keep an “Open First” Box Handy

As soon as you arrive at your new home, having a box labeled “Open First” filled with essential items such as snacks, toiletries, utensils, etc., is incredibly helpful.

This way you don't have to search through multiple boxes looking for something specific once everything has been unloaded off the truck —your essentials are easy to access right away.


Moving can seem like an overwhelming task at first glance but these 10 packing hacks will help make things easier on moving day.

By investing in quality supplies, labeling everything clearly, purging unnecessary belongings prior to packing up, using suitcases instead of boxes if needed, packing heavy objects into smaller containers, filling empty spaces with padding materials such as towels, pillows, blankets, wrapping fragile items separately, utilizing drawers within furniture pieces where possible, and keeping an "open first" box handy once arriving at your new home; preparing for a move doesn't have to be stressful.

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