It’s no secret that solar energy is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to power residential homes.

Going green, living off the grid, and homesteading are popular, but not exactly realistic for most of us.

However, by installing a solar power system in your home, you are going green and saving money.

Can you believe that there are homeowners in the Sacramento area paying $700 per month for their electric bill?

That’s pretty expensive, and at $700 per month, they’re paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $8400 per year.

I’m certain those folks wouldn’t mind reducing their power bills to a fraction of what they’re currently paying.

If you’re one of the many people paying high electric bills, you should consider installing a solar power system.

As beneficial as a solar system is, there are a few common pitfalls you need to be aware of.

Read on to learn about the top ten most expensive mistakes to avoid…

1)) Installing a Small System and Expecting Big Power

If you install a small system and expect it to run big appliances such as your refrigerator and air conditioner, you're certain to be disappointed.

You will find you're spending more on electricity from the grid than you imagined.

This type of experience will cause you to abandon solar energy.

Have a professional solar installer evaluate the equipment needed to produce the amount of energy you desire to power your home.

Never play the guessing game by winging it, because there’s a high probability of missing the mark.

2)) Not Checking the Competition

There are no shortages of solar installers in the Sacramento area who will sell, lease, and install a solar system on your home.

This is why you must never choose the first company you come across.

The intelligent thing to do is interview at least 3 to 5 solar installers.

This will allow you to comparison shop before making a decision.

I recommend taking notes for each company.

Pro Tip: Brainstorm a list of questions you’d like to ask so that you can reference them during the decision-making process.

This way you’ll know what you’re getting without relying on your memory when you receive quotes from each solar installer.

3)) Not Researching Financial Options

There are financing options for solar energy systems out there as well as different loans you can access to go solar without needing a large sum of cash upfront.

It pays to do some research on the different financing options that may be available to you.

4)) Not Taking Advantage of Financial Incentives

If you're going to install a solar power system on your property, you should know about the financial benefits and incentives that the government offers.

These rebates vary from state to state and are influenced by other factors such as electricity costs.

5)) Going the DIY Route

Unless you're a trained solar power technician, I do not recommend you try this on your own.

Do you recall earlier when I mentioned the risk of installing a solar system that’s not capable of providing enough power to meet your electrical needs?

Well, this could happen quickly if you go the DIY route.

A lot of pre-planning must take place before installing a solar system, which is better handled by a solar power expert.

Not only is there the potential to screw up the installation, which could cost more to correct problems, but it’s also dangerous up there on the roof.

6)) Waiting Too long

If you keep putting off converting to solar power, you may miss out on government incentives and rebates.

Also, as the cost of electricity rises, you are losing money by not going solar.

7)) Installing an Off-Grid System When it's Not Needed

Unless you live out in the middle of nowhere, you don't need an off-grid system. In fact, many states, like Arizona, require residents who have solar panels to still connect to the grid for safety reasons.

8)) Not Understanding Buying vs. Leasing Solar Panels

When you buy a solar power system, the cost is more and requires, in most cases, a down payment.

Leasing, on the other hand, costs you nothing to install, but typically comes with a twenty-year lease.

That means if you want to sell your home, the buyer will need to take over the solar lease.

9)) Installing a New Solar System on an Old Roof

Is your roof strong enough to hold solar panels? Is it structurally sound? If not, putting solar panels on an old roof may cause more problems or damage.

Consider replacing an old roof before going solar.

10)) Not Making Other Energy-Efficient Upgrades to the Home

Millions of homes waste unthinkable amounts of energy daily, which puts a strain on our electric grids.

As a result, more fossil fuel is needed to produce more electricity.

Some of the causes responsible for energy waste:

  • Old Non-Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Single Pan Windows (poor insulator)
  • Cracks (Allows Cool/Warm Air To Escape)
  • Old Hot Water Heater (Takes longer to heat)
  • Insufficient Insulation (Increases Heating/Cooling Costs)
  • Non-Energy Efficient Light Bulbs (Replace with LEDs)
  • Thermostat Not Set Properly (System Runs Unnecessarily)

These are only a few of the things that waste energy in your home, which raises your electric bill, puts more strain on the grid, and uses more fossil fuel.

You could potentially reduce your energy usage by taking care of the energy wasters in your home.

If you combine that with going solar, you’ll be happy to pay the much smaller utility bill.


I just provided you with 10 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Looking To Install Solar In Sacramento.

There’s no shortage of conflicting information floating around on the Internet about solar power systems.

There are many benefits to installing solar on your home with the two biggest being a reduction in your electric bill and less reliance on fossil fuel.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping more of the money you make and helping the environment in the process.

If you’re one of those individuals paying hundreds of dollars per month in electric costs, then you need to learn more about the benefits of going solar.

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