There are many areas in Sacramento that have long multi-lane roads that make it tempting to want to speed.

Some people naturally seem to have a lead foot. They glance down at the speedometer only to find that almost always, they are whizzing along the road above the legally posted limit.

These are generally the people who end up with several speeding tickets within the course of a few years.

Considering that each ticket amounts to points taken off of their driver's license and increases in their automobile insurance rates, it's a matter that needs to be taken very seriously.

If you're one of those people who constantly are caught speeding and you just pay the tickets thinking that it's no use trying to fight, you might want to consider another alternative.

It too will cost you money, but the after-effects will be a lot less substantial.

We live in an age where high-tech equipment is catching more and more speeders each day.

People are being pulled over at an alarming rate. For someone who is a regular speeder, the tickets and fines can add up quickly.

To offset what many people think is a cash cow, companies are springing up that will help the average motorist beat their speeding ticket.

Some even offer a guarantee that they will either get their fine reduced or dismissed.

Often these types of companies aren't run by attorneys but instead are retired police officers who know the loopholes in the justice system.

They've been on the other side of the radar gun and know what a motorist can do to get themselves out of the hot water.

Retired police officers fully understand all of the laws and regulations that must be followed when the police are writing a citation.

If any one of these rules is broken, they are the ones who can spot it. That's exactly how they help the average motorist.

You bring your ticket in and supply as much information as you can to them and they take it from there.

They will study the speeding ticket and any regulations or rules that the police officer who issued the ticket had to be following.

To the average citizen, a slight infraction wouldn't be noticeable and after glancing at the amount of the ticket, they'd pay it.

When you are looking for a company to aid in with your speeding ticket fight it's important to keep some general guidelines in mind:

  • Ask about fees up-front. If their fees are going to surpass the cost of your ticket substantially, you might want to reconsider the value of their services.
  • If you had taken any notes or noted anything peculiar while the police officer was writing your ticket, tell the specialist that. What might seem insubstantial to you could be extremely important when you plead "not guilty."
  • Ask about any guarantee they offer. Some companies offer a no-pay unless the ticket is dismissed guarantee. It's important to know what their policy is regarding if they lose the case.


By consulting with a speeding ticket specialist you could very well save yourself the price of a ticket and the hassles associated with it.

A traffic ticket is not something you want to play around with, and if left unpaid can lead to several consequences such as the following:

  • License Suspension
  • Increase In Fine Fees
  • Increase In Car Insurance Premiums
  • Warrant For Arrest
  • Ineligible To Renew Driver's License
  • Ineligible To Renew Vehicle Registration

Ignoring a traffic citation only makes matters worse, which can make it more difficult to get handled even if you were to hire a specialist or an attorney.

Not all speeding tickets can be beaten, but you’ll never know unless you take action by hiring an expert who has mastered how traffic laws work.

Since laws are constantly changing, I wouldn’t recommend going it alone.

Whether you enlist the services of a traffic ticket attorney or some other type of specialist, at the very least, you should pay the fees immediately to prevent additional penalties.

The consequences of not paying your traffic tickets are simply not worth the pain, inconvenience, and costs.

Have you ever heard the following saying, “Kill The Monster While It’s Small?”

This is the mindset you should have when it comes to dealing with traffic tickets.

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