Getting a speeding ticket is an unfortunate part of driving, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

There are ways to fight a speeding ticket if you know what to do.

You may have heard the old adage that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, but there are still things you can do to fight your ticket and possibly get it dismissed.

Let’s take a look at some effective strategies for fighting a speeding ticket.

1)) Know Your Rights

The first step in fighting your ticket is understanding your rights as a driver.

Do you know what rights you have when pulled over by an officer?

The more knowledge you have about your rights, the better off you’ll be when dealing with police officers or contesting your ticket in court.

Knowing how to properly interact with a police officer can also help in certain circumstances.

For example, politely declining a search of your car without giving any additional information could help prevent evidence from being used against you in court.

2)) Check Out The Officer

If possible, try to get as much information as possible about the officer who gave you the ticket.

Take note of their name and badge number, and look up their record online if possible.

If they have been reprimanded or disciplined by their department before, this information could be useful if you decide to challenge the ticket in court.

It’s important to remember that officers must follow certain procedures when pulling someone over for speeding; if those protocols were not followed correctly, then it could be grounds for getting your case dismissed by a judge.

3)) Request Discovery Evidence

Discovery evidence is evidence that could be used against you in court; it typically includes items like witness statements or photographs taken at the scene of your stop.

Requesting discovery evidence can help prepare you for trial and also provide insight into whether or not taking your case to trial is worth it in the end.

Certain pieces of evidence may be able to prove that the officer did not follow proper protocol when issuing your citation—for instance, maybe they didn't use calibrated speed-measuring devices or wrote down incorrect details on the citation itself—which would make challenging your ticket easier than ever before.

4)) Challenge The Calibration Of The Officer's Radar Gun

All radar guns must be calibrated regularly, and if the gun was not properly calibrated, your ticket may be dismissed.

To find out if the gun was properly calibrated, ask for maintenance records from the police department.

5)) Show That You Had A Good Reason For Speeding

If you can show that there was a good reason for your speeding—such as rushing to the hospital or getting away from a dangerous situation—the judge may be more likely to dismiss your ticket.

6)) Attend Traffic School

In some states, attending a traffic school can help you avoid getting points on your license or having your insurance rates raised.

Even if it doesn't help you fight your ticket, it's still worth considering.

7)) Hire An Attorney

If all else fails, hiring an attorney is always an option.

An experienced attorney will know all the legal loopholes that can be used in order to get out of a speeding ticket and will be able to negotiate with law enforcement on your behalf.

This option may require more time and money than other alternatives but it’s often worth it if you want to avoid the headache of dealing with a speeding ticket yourself.


Fighting a speeding ticket can seem like an uphill battle at times; however, with some research and preparation on your part, it is possible to win.

Knowing which strategies will work best for each situation is key; so take time to review all available options before making any decisions regarding how best to proceed with fighting your ticket.

With these tips in mind – knowing your rights as a driver, researching the officer who gave you the ticket, requesting discovery evidence, etc. – fighting a speeding ticket effectively should become much less daunting!

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