If you're considering hiring a deck builder, it's important to ask the right questions before making your decision.

Knowing what to look for in a deck builder and understanding their experience and qualifications can help ensure that you get the best results possible.

Questions such as “What types of materials do you use?”, “How long have you been building decks?”, and “Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your work?” are all good starting points when researching potential contractors.

Asking about references from past clients can give insights into the quality of the contractor's work and customer service.

By taking time to thoroughly research potential deck builders before hiring them for the job, homeowners can be confident that they will end up with a beautiful new outdoor space that meets their needs.

Let's explore ten of the most popular questions people ask before they hire a deck builder.

1)) What Type Of Materials Do You Use?

The type of materials used for deck building will depend on the design and style that you want to achieve.

Decks are built using pressure-treated lumber, such as pine or cedar, but composite materials like plastic and polyethylene can also be used.

Other options include aluminum, vinyl, or other high-grade woods such as redwood or mahogany.

The choice of material should be based on your budget and desired level of maintenance over time.

You should also consider the environmental impact of each material when making your decision.

2)) Are You Licensed And Insured?

It is important to ask a deck builder if they are licensed and insured for several reasons.

Having a license shows that the contractor is qualified and knowledgeable about building decks according to local codes, regulations, and safety requirements.

Similarly, insurance can provide protection from any property damage or injuries sustained on the job site.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be covered if anything were to go wrong with the project.

Asking your deck builder if they are licensed and insured can save you time, money, and worry in the long run.

3)) How Long Have You Been In Business?

Working with a trustworthy deck builder is key to making your dream outdoor space come alive.

Ask how long they have been in the business - their years of experience will give you valuable insight and peace-of-mind when constructing an incredible addition to your home. The more experienced the deck builder is, the more knowledgeable and skilled they are likely to be.

This can help ensure that the job is done correctly and safely, and with quality materials.

An experienced deck builder will know what permits or other paperwork may be needed during construction or renovation projects, which could save time and money down the line.

Asking a deck builder how long they have been in business is an important step to help ensure the success of your project.

It can also provide you with assurance that your dreams for the perfect outdoor oasis are in the right hands.

4)) Do You Have References I Can Contact?

Asking a deck builder if they have references you can contact is important because it provides an opportunity to check the quality of their work and get feedback directly from people who have already hired them.

Through the references, you can learn about the contractor’s reputation, find out how responsive they are to customer service issues and even ask questions about specific projects.

Having access to references also helps protect consumers from dishonest contractors by ensuring that only experienced professionals are hired for their project.

It's important to make sure you're hiring someone with a track record of success to ensure your decking project turns out exactly as planned.

5)) How Much Experience Do Your Deck Builders Have?

It is important to ask a deck builder how much experience they have because it will give you an idea of their level of expertise.

Experienced deck builders have the skills and knowledge to build safe, structurally sound decks that will last for years.

They are also familiar with local building codes and can ensure that your deck is designed to comply with them.

Experienced deck builders are more aware of potential construction hazards associated with woodworking projects and take the necessary precautions to prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring on the job site.

Asking about their experience gives you peace of mind knowing that your deck project has been handled by a professional who understands safety and knows what they are doing.

6)) What Is The Expected Timeline For Building The Deck?

When it comes to deck building, planning is key - and that's why asking your builder what the timeline looks like is so important.

This way you can determine if their expected completion date matches with when you'd want the project finished by.

It also helps to make sure that both you and the deck builder are on the same page about when expectations should be reached.

Understanding how long each step in the process will take will help in efficiently managing construction expenses, such as materials and labor costs.

It will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your project is being handled in a timely manner.

Asking this question is essential to ensure that a successful outcome is achieved.

7)) What Are The Estimated Project Costs?

Before you embark on your outdoor renovation, it is essential to talk with a deck builder about project costs.

Doing so will ensure that both your budget and plans stay firmly in check.

This clarification of figures up front helps ensure the cost-effectiveness of your deck building journey.

Knowing the estimated project costs ahead of time allows you to determine whether the deck can be built within your desired budget.

Asking a deck builder what the estimated project costs are helps provide an understanding of any additional fees or materials that may be needed prior to starting construction.

This allows for more informed decision making and improved financial planning when building a new deck.

8)) Will The Deck Meet All Local Building Codes And Regulations?

Protect yourself and your investment by verifying that the deck builder you select is up-to-date on local building codes, which are designed to keep everyone safe.

Local building regulations spell out specific requirements for decks and other structures, including allowable heights, materials that can be used, drainage specifications, stair size requirements and more.

Failure to adhere to building codes could lead to unsafe stairs or railings, leading to potential injury or harm.

It's always best to make sure your construction project follows the applicable laws of your municipality before starting work.

9)) Do You Offer Warranties Or Post-Project Services?

Asking a deck builder if they offer warranties or post-project services is important because it guarantees that the final product will be up to your standards and that any problems can be addressed in a timely manner.

Warranties also provide financial protection against faulty materials and labor, as well as theft or vandalism.

Post-project services may include maintenance and repairs, so you know who to contact should something go wrong with your new deck.

Having this information upfront helps ensure peace of mind when making an investment in your outdoor space.

10)) Are There Any Additional Costs Or Fees Associated With The Project?

To avoid any unwelcome surprises, make sure to ask your deck builder about all associated costs and fees related to the project.

This way you can ensure a cost-effective outcome with complete peace of mind throughout the building process.

It also gives you an idea of what fees are standard and which ones may not be necessary for your project.

This way, you can plan ahead for any possible extra cost that may come up during the building process, so you don’t end up spending more than you had anticipated.

Knowing all the fees and costs beforehand also allows you to compare pricing from each builder, ensuring that you get the best price and value for your money.


Given the complexity of a deck-building project, it is essential to hire an experienced and reputable contractor.

When you are looking for the right person to work on your home’s outdoor space, make sure that they have experience building decks and can answer any questions about materials or construction methods.

Be sure to ask them for references from previous clients so you can gain insight into their quality of work.

With these tips in mind, we hope that you find the perfect deck builder who will create a beautiful addition to your home!