Eco-friendly countertops are trending upward because of the increased awareness of global warming which is having a major influence on the collective consciousness of people.

The term eco-friendly means that the materials for the project come from sustainable sources that are not harmful to the environment.

In today’s world, more people are learning about the benefits of building, decorating, and living in a more eco-friendly manner.

To protect the planet and environment, more people are taking steps to reduce their “carbon footprint” and are choosing more ecologically sustainable materials for their home renovation projects.

Because of this rise in environmentally friendly attitudes, eco-friendly renovations and home décor have become a rising trend.

Your countertops, in the kitchen and bathrooms specifically, are no exception. Eco-friendly countertop materials are not only environmentally sound but also attractive and affordable.

These countertops are trending right now and for good reason.

Here are 6 popular choices for eco-friendly countertops...

1)) Salvaged Materials

Giving your home, especially the kitchen, a rustic or almost industrial look, is quite popular.

One of the best ways to accomplish this look is to “up-cycle” or make use of salvaged materials.

You can rescue materials from an old building or tear-down project in your area, or visit a Habitat for Humanity to restore and refinish old or used countertops that are already put together.

You could also make use of salvaged materials to build your own countertops. Make use of salvaged wood or large pieces of metal to build your own counters or kitchen island.

Not only is this look super trendy, but what could possibly be more eco-friendly than recycling?

2)) Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most popular building materials, not just because it comes from a sustainable source (bamboo grows very quickly and can be harvested safely), but also because it is a beautiful and durable material, which is why it’s used for flooring.

Using bamboo for your countertops is a great way to brighten up any kitchen or bathroom, and matches almost any décor scheme.

3)) Recycled Glass

There are some companies that specialize in making countertop materials out of recycled glass products.

These countertops are not only 100% recycled but are also extremely beautiful.

They come in a variety of color choices to work with your décor.

4)) Concrete

Concrete countertops are a trend all on their own but are also considered eco-friendly, especially if locally sourced.

Concrete countertops can be ordered and cut to fit your kitchen perfectly, and are very resilient and long-lasting.

If you’re the type of person who likes to be different, you may want to consider having concrete countertops installed.

5)) Resin

Another trend in eco-friendly countertops is resin-based materials. These countertops are made of 100% post-consumer recycled products and come in the widest variety of colors and patterns of any other eco-friendly countertop material.

6)) Refurbishing

Technically, the most eco-friendly countertops available are the ones that are already in your home.

Depending on the materials, you might be able to refinish or refurbish your existing countertops to make the least impact on the environment and still update your décor since

kitchen updates are among the most expensive parts of a home to remodel.

So, why not save a bundle and the environment?


The biggest trends in countertops lately are the most eco-friendly choices. Not only are the materials beautiful, but they come from recycled or sustainable sources that put the least amount of impact on the environment.

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to upgrade your countertops, I recommend that you do some research on the six that I’ve listed here in this article and some of the other options out there.

You could go online and look at pictures of each type to get ideas.

Why not consult with a few reputable countertop design firms and have them show you their portfolio?

I advise you to take your time with the process in order to avoid making an expensive mistake or having regrets or even buyer’s remorse.

Be certain to keep an open mind and have fun on this journey!

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